Pete - 9 yr. old,16.1 hand, sorrel quarter type, best bred saddle mule in the USA

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We can talk all day about this mule, bred and raised by Coyote Mule, texas scooter bred jack. Pete has the conformation we all strive for, and temperment to go with it. He is brother to Marty and part of 8 mules from this mare and jack. This group of mules have gone in the back country like a marine, and to the top show rings in the country and become champions. They are willing to please, tries the best and keep there mind about everything. His height is the only reason we have him for sale, just to big for us to get on and off all day.

A Star for sure!




Pete red halter, full brother Marty Blue halter, nice matched set of full brothers!






Pete is Barney’s left, Marty Barneys right, strait hocked mules, a rarity.