Mulemanship Instruction

Never stop learning! We treat everyone and every animal as an individual.

Safety is #1

Riding these wonderful animals can be the most enjoyable time or with one accident become the worst time. Using our facility we will work with you and your mule to cover all basic riding, tack adjustment, and behavior skills needed to keep you safe and in the saddle. Remember this is suppose to be fun!!!

Personal needs for individuals or families

Barney and Bobbi Jo can adapt to anyone’s needs. All of us do not ride the same way and may have different goals. We can help achieve individual needs or help a complete family together. Remember this is suppose to be fun!!!

It is never too late

Many people today are ready to get back to basics. The love of an animal and the fresh outdoor air is there for the taking. We have and will continue to teach young children who have never sat on a mule to the baby boomers who remember back 30 years ago and want to get going again. Remember this is suppose to be fun!!!

Riding from the backcountry to the show ring and in between

  • Western - riding on mountain trails, pulling a pack string, or in the show ring.
  • English - Huntseat & English jumping to Saddleseat & Gaited riding.
  • Packing - Use of Panniers to Mannies, Sawbucks or Deckers, or one mule to a complete string for a deluxe camp.
  • Mulemanship - Resistance free behavior for young mules, spoiled mules & frightened mules.
  • Mule maintenance - clipping, care of hooves, bathing, feed, vaccinations, worming, nutrition, overall health.
  • Tack & Bits - Adjustment, how they are used, what works the best for you and your mule.

Training and Lesson Rates

  • Full Day $250.00 1/2 day = $150.00
  • 1 Hour Riding Lesson $40.00
  • Long term training for your mule, call for a quote.

Mule and Rider Evaluations

A second opinion is always helpful, we would be glad to take a look at you and your mule for honest constructive advice.