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Hi. We're Barney and Bobbi Jo Chambers and we are mule people. Established in 1964, Coyote Mule Company has grown and expanded to represent one of the top five mule companies in the world. We are proud of our mule traditions of helping customers with the mule life. We eat, drink, sleep and celebrate mules and the wonderful features and benefits that mule ownership brings to many. We've made so many friends who share our love of mules, and look to us for the expert advice on mule training, mule care and enjoying the trails with their mules. If you're a mule person, or want to become one, think about following our blog. SUBSCRIBE HERE.

Bring Your Longears to Mule Mania Dayton

Mark Your Calendars for Mule Mania Dayton, Washington This is a fabulously fun family event! Memorial Day Weekend 2018!   Free Admission, Chuckwagons, mule workshop clinics, .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Coyote Mule Company News

Coyote Mule Company is open year around and delivery of our mules is always avaialble. Our indoor facilities allows us riding and training year around. Boarding is always available weather you .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.