Kit & Kate - 8-9 year old molly mules, 15 hand broke team for riding, packing and driving!

Kit & Kate are 8 & 9 year old 15 hand molly mules. They were raised, shown and farmed with an 86 year old man. Due to health we were able to purchase them and bring them to Idaho. They can drive as a team but we took this summer and put them under saddle and packed them in the backcountry. Because of their temperment they took to the trails like soldiers.

Bend Oregon!!

Kate packing 2nd in line

Pretty Kate, who had to get her left ear docked this summer,

Kit leading the string, she is the best at this. Tacked up and took charge.

Kit packing with boxes. No problem and stands very still to be loaded.

Tuff steep country in the Snake river breaks. 7500 feet.

Both mules were moved around in the string, from first class to coach in the rear!!

They handle any spot steady and willing.

Spring photos 2016