Miss Lindy - 7 year old molly, 16 hand stocking legged riding mule

Trust us to find the best to buy, and Miss Lindy sure enough is. She has a neck rein that only a cadillac would have. The looks that will win any show in the country. She is sound, sensible and willing to do whatever is asked. Miss Lindy is broke enough for a youth rider to compete with at any level, or for any man to ride the mountains and enjoy. But if you are lady lookng for the best to impress, mount up and take the lead on Missy Lindy. There is not enough room on this site to explain how awesome this mule is.

Sold to Nebraska!!

Please enjoy this video of Miss Lindy!


Hi Mark!! Good morning Nebraska!! Please take a look at this special video we made for you. Thanks for your patients.