Kit - 8 yr old molly, 14.3 to 15 hands, light draft , drives, rides, packs

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Temperment on this mule is rated at 1000%, she is a one of a kind mule that is so hard to find. She has never offered to do anything wrong. She primarily has been a driving mule since 3 yrs old, but this summer we took the time to ride her and put her out on the trails. Of course she did it like she had been there her whole life. She is dog gentle, easy about everything slow and smart. We have owned her for 5 years, and because of another team we are showing, we are now offering her for sale. A tough decision for us.

Kit would match very well with Lucy the 6 year old offered for sale on this site.

Her driving partner Lou is also on this site for sale, but Lou outgrew Kit by 2 inches once matured.

She is offered for sale at $6500

If you wanted to look at putting her with another mule for a set, we could offer a package price.