Mindy Sue - 4 yr. old rare Norweigen Fijord molly mule for sale - Drives

Mindy Sue was bred and raised by Coyote Mule Company and one of Jacks adopted grandmas. From birth till today she has been part of our family. Always clipped, wormed, vaccinated and feet trimmed on a regular bases. We owned her mother a Norweigen Fijord horse and have two other younger brothers to Mindy here on our ranch.

As we feel ground work is key to mules, we have taken our time and gone slow and easy on her. She round pens, ground ties, can be saddled and long lined with confidence. This fall we put her in harness and she is an AMAZING cart mule. This small, but stout molly has a ton of heart! She is not lazy and very willing to work.

Sold to Western Washington!



Her MOM - Rides and Drives, super temperment