Josie - 12 year old sorrel molly, 14.2- 14.3 hands rides like a dream!

Josie is a 12 year old sorrel molly that rides anywhere you point her. She is the older seasoned riding mule that everyone is looking for. She is easy to catch, wonderful with her feet, and has a nice neck rein. She has been shown in the south for all around buckles, and yet handles the mountain terrain here in Idaho like old hat. She has only one issue and that is to bridle. She does not like leather going over her ears. So she has her own special bridle and bit that fits her perfect and elimintates the issue.

Please take a moment to watch this video of Josie

Sold to Colorado

Sold to Montana!

Fun in the snow sun!

Nice neck rein

Her special bridle,

Good with her feet, has had shoes but no we have her barefoot.