Jiggs - 15.2 hand, 10 year old, quarter type sorrel, amazing john mule that rides

Jiggs stands 15.2 hands tall, and is 10 years old. He is a pretty sorrel quarter type john mule with a kind, gentle personality. Jiggs is athletic enough to handls any arena type movements, English or Western. Or he will go out and do the job any ranch may have. He is good in cows and does not get flustered. Super perfect ground manners, and almost hands you his feet when asked to pick them up. He catches you at the gate waiting to go do anything that is ask. He is not an aggressive john mule in the herd, but can hold his own if pushed.

This is the kind of mule, horse people must compliment when they see him. A love, a good mule, and ready for a good home. Wish we could represent his bad habits, but we do not know of any.

Sold to Wyoming!!

Also new pictures from a trip we took on Mt. Rainer last year, competing in a trail orienteering. Jack our son is riding him that day over 18 miles.

Take a look at this video of “the amazing Jiggs!”

Picket lines

Britchen and Boy - ready to hit the mountain today!

Making the plan, ready to head out!

Switchback up and down



Water and bridges!

These two had the play for a while! Up and down, having fun, playing in the water.

This is what a good day riding good mules ends like. Love