Coyote Mule Company

Over 40 years Barney has matched up quality mules and horses to suit owners needs.  He has also trained, showed and raced mules to the honor of holding 5 world championship titles.  He has a proven record in helping people communicate with our four legged partners for a safe enjoyable lifelong friendship.   

Bobbi Jo is a riding instructor for all types of equestrian disciplines. She uses her mules to compete throughout the USA.  Bobbi also instructs riders of all ages to build a safe foundation of horsemanship. She specializes in helping rebuild confidence in many people who have had unfortunate problems or accidents related to riding or starting the first time riders to a successful riding career. 

Mule and Rider Evaluations

A second opinion is always helpful, we would be glad to take a look at you and your mule for honest constructive advice. 


If you are traveling through the area you are always welcome at our ranch.  Come See Us!

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Coyote Mule Company
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