Liberty- 5 year old brown molly, four white socks, 14.2 -3 hands. Rides, Packs, Drives

Liberty is one of Bobbi’s favorites on the ranch, and the more she rides her, the harder it will be to sell her. This level headed mature mule handles anything put infront of her, open and close gates, checking cows, or riding in a back canyon. She will do anything you ask of her. She can lope easy and nice on a loose rein, side pass and stands quiet to get on and off from either side. This mule can be competive in any trail class offered. Bridges, water, are all just a walk in the park for her.

Oh did we mention she has some good color too? Perfect size, good with her feet, easy to catch? Yup, mmm love riding these good ones.

This mule coloring is so unique, she has white socks, brown body, dark roan like top line. Black mane and tail, with a splash of white pushed around. One of a kind.

Sold to Nevada!

Winter clothing…..