Wow what great customers, friends, and family who sent in pictures of there trophy game taken in 2006.

Thank-you for sharing you pictures and we hope you keep enjoying those good mules who played a part in such good hunts.


Bob Gardner (Bobbi's Dad) bugled in this nice bull for his Son in Law Gene during bow season.    

Here is Gene with this nice bull loaded on Donna our Percheron Pack Mule. 

Marshall Hanes and his string of mules with a nice bull elk.

Dave Robinson taking a nice Bull this year. Look for him on a fine mule in 2007 at the ropings!

Kristen Gallegos "Mama Moose out of control Mule lady", takes this nice bull moose in Montana.

Rob Parish takes a nice moose in Wyoming with his cross bow,  here is his mule Hotwheels helping out the pack.  Hotwheels is a 3 yr old this year that we competed with in Jake Clarks Futurity.  What a mule!!  He can look good at the shows, and get dirty in the mountains!

Doug Walters and company took some trophy Antelope this year.  Wow what a set!!

Here is Doug on his mule Rita, riding in a parade,  we think because of the Bar in the background he was waving good bye to pull in and have a cold beer.  We are investigating to see if Doug ever finished the parade.  The mule may have finished for him, but not Doug and friends.  Thanks Rita for taking care of Doug!! Give that mule a beer!


Here's  Leon!  This is our mule buddy and good friend who loves to hunt deer and ride good mules.  Great job and Thanks for the pictures. 


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