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Name of Mule: Snoopy

8 yr old Molly, 15 Hands.  Snoopy has been part of our show string for the last 3 years.  She is the color and conformation to win about any halter class in the country.  Broke with a neck rein and leg cues to compete in any trail class in the country.  She drives with beauty to compete in any cart class in the country.  This is a amazing mule that is just about to become one the best in the country.  She is super to clip, bath and haul, is good with her feet and easy to shoe.  A one of a kind gal.

Look for this mule for sale at mounted shooting this year

Price Reduce to sell  $7500

We have new mule coming up and need to spend the time with them.

Winner of Youth Trail Class, Hells Canyon Mule Days

This gal will work cattle and get the job done.

Broke to drive, in the snow or at the Denver Stock Show.

We used her to pack a moose out on a 20 mile trip in one day.  She led the pack string like any ole' mule.

Winner of youth trail class Montana Mule Days.  Also won the overall halter champion at this show.

Fitting and Showing with youth.

Not that she is a speed demon, but she can be a awesome all around mule for speed events.

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