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Name of Mule: Jill

9 yr old Molly, Dark Brown Quarter type 14.2 Hands. If a mule could be a teddy bear she is one.  This is just a wonderful want to be with you, what can I do for you kind of mule.  She is broke to drive well enough for a beginner driver, and rides the best.  Jill is easy to catch, good with her feet, it is hard to point out a bad habit on this mule.  She just needs to find that special home.

$9500 for the pair, full sisters.

Jeans picture to follow, just like Jill but a bit taller.

Her full sister Jean just arrived, they were split last year and we were able to put them back together.  Jean will follow Jill anywhere safe and sound.  They drive together and are good friends.  A good pair of mules to ride, pack and drive.  Perfect size.

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