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Bill - 15 yr old, dark brown john, quarter type that rides and packs.

Bill is a good boy. He is willing and happy to do just about whatever everyone else wants to do. He his not a take command lead mule, but you can rely on him to be a good team player and do whatever .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Marvin & Marty - 4 /6 yr old, 14, 14.2 hand Rare, Norweigen Fijord mule, rides and drives.

Marvin and Marty were bred and raised here at Coyote Mule. There mother is a Norweigen Fijord bred mare. We have had them back east for a year with a Amish groud being used to ride and drive. They .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Tip - 12 yr old 14.3 hand roan molly, quarter type saddle mule for everything!

Tip has been a part of our family for over 8 years. We have used her in the back country on trail rides, to parades leading a 6 up hitch! She will team penn cattle, ride english and just plain be .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Ruth - 5 year old paint sorrel quarter type molly, 14.2 hands - Rides and Packs.

We bought this mule over a year ago, based on her temperment. She has only grown and matured to be what we knew she would be - A Good Mule! Ruth is personable, confident, and of course pretty to .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Ruby Ann - 9 yr old Bay molly - quarter type. Rides the best.

Ruby Ann is the kind of molly, very seldom for sale. She is 15.1 hands, a pretty bay quarter type personable gal. Catch her anywhere mule that will do anything for you. She rides soft and light in .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Bell - 8 yr. old - 14.2 hands, stocking legged molly that rides.

Bell is a sweet gal that rides about however you want her to. She can cut cattle, pony other mules, or lead a trail ride. She is a very uniquley colored molly mule with white socks, brown body and .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Sally - 5 year old sorrel, 15 hand, molly quarter type - rides and packs.

Sally is a 5 year old sorrel, 15 hands - quarter type who is easy going and with a gentle temperment. We bought her directly from a breeder in Oklahoma where she was born and raised by him. She is .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.