Nit & Pearl – 10 & 11 year old Percheron Molly team of mules, the best!

Nit & Pearl have been our personal team of mules for 4 years. It is only because we are now showing Belguim mules that we are offering them for sale. This is an exceptional team in everyway. They are easy to catch, healthy, sound, gentle with no bad habits. We have used them from the show ring to fall festivals and everything in between. They are the real deal for anyone looking to drive a team of mules and enjoy it! They are a rare color with such light colored white points, yet a deep brown. Please take a look at the video to see some of the things we have done with them.

We only want this team to go to a special individual and excellent home. We do have many sets of harness that we can sell along with them.

If you are looking for a first time team, we would love to show a new driver how to do it right and get going down the road, safe and secure!

Private instruction with this team, plus harness would be in addition to the price.

Sold to North Dakota!