Kate – 7 yr. old dark brown molly 15 hands. Rides and Packs

Kate is a 7 yr old molly that stands 15 hands.  She is a pretty dark brown molly and rides smooth and easy, very responsive.  She side passes, neck reins and even will move over to a fence to be mounted from.  She came from a old man who could no longer ride anymore and she was his personal mule.  She is missing him a bit and just needs to find that new person who will love her.  We have spent alot of time with Kate and she really does prefer men over women.   She is good with her feet, has had shoes on, and is not ear shy.

Priced to sell $5500

Summer slick!  She is a beauty!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Sorry about the saggy ugly halter!!!  Poor Kate!