Mules For Sale

Come ride with us! We understand buying a mule is a big commitment, not only financially but also emotionally. We feel the right mule for the right person is the key to enjoy riding and being safe. Our ranch offers year around riding with our indoor arena, outdoor arenas, and a complete cross country trail course you and maybe your next mule can ride on. Take a look at our list of mules, if you wish to see a picture and more information double click on the mules name. Always more mules to come, call for details! 208-816-8682

Libby – 8 yr. old, 14.3 – 15 hand sorrel quarter type molly, rides and packs

Libby is from 14.3 to 15 hands and is a quarter type molly mule.  She is smart and willing to please.  She is not herd bound and happy to be byherself.   Libby rides very well, is easy to catch, good .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Lucky – small kids mule that rides better then most full size mules

Meet Lucky and our son Jack.  These two are the best of freinds, going all over our ranch.  Lucky is a 7 year old john mule, that rides really good.  Jack our son is 9.  Lucky will do a easy lope, .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Ruth – 3 year old sorrel molly with four white socks – Rides gentle and smooth

Ruth is just 3, but her temperment is key and she is level headed, willing and rides like a 10 year old.  She is 14.2 hands, with walker breeding.  Strides out smooth, down the trail.  Ruth was bred .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Sue & Sis – 8 & 7 year old, Bay quarter type 14 hand team of molly mules.

Sue & Sis are as about as easy to harness pair of mules we have!!  They are perfect size to use and strong enough for driving.  They are easy to catch, and good to trim or shoe.  Clipping is no .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Chuckwagon for sale! I know its not a mule, but they did pull it!!!

 This complete resorted Chuckwagon is a 1870 Thornhill sold by Combs - Comer & Co. Celina, Tenn. Included with the wagon is single axel trailer, with winch for transport.   Complete .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.