Mules For Sale

Come ride with us! We understand buying a mule is a big commitment, not only financially but also emotionally. We feel the right mule for the right person is the key to enjoy riding and being safe. Our ranch offers year around riding with our indoor arena, outdoor arenas, and a complete cross country trail course you and maybe your next mule can ride on. Take a look at our list of mules, if you wish to see a picture and more information double click on the mules name. Always more mules to come, call for details! 208-816-8682

Bob & Ben – 10 & 11 year old 15 hand, halfinger john mules. Drives and Pack the best.

Bob & Ben are 10 and 11 year old halfinger john mules.  The are just 15 hands and perfect size for driving or packing.  They are easy to catch, trim and haul.  Easy going mature mules steady and .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Lilly – 8 year old sorrel quarter type molly mule. 14.2 hands. Rides and packs

Lilly is a 8 year old sorrel quarter type molly.  She is 14.2 hand just perfect size for a smaller sized rider, or to pack. Lilly is easy to catch and good with her feet and ears.  She is a good .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Denny – 7 yr. old sorrel quarter type john. Rides and Packs

Denny is 7 years old, he is sorrel and quarter type.  He rides gentle and easy plus packs.  Denny is the first mule to the gate everyday waiting for attention.  He loves people and doing things.  He .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Max – 13.3 hand bay 5 year old john mule, kind and gentle small pack mule.

Max is a sweatheart ready to go in the house if you let him.  He is small with a big heart, easy to pack and will go anywhere you lead him.  We plan to ride him through the winter if he is not sold.  .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Deets – 7 yr. old black john mule 14.3 hands, rides and packs gentle and easy going.

Deets is the kind you can always depend on.  He is easy laid back gentle kind of mule.  He is 14.3 hands and very smooth to ride.  There is nothing to fancy about him in anyway other then a good .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Kate – 7 yr. old dark brown molly 15 hands. Rides and Packs

Kate is a 7 yr old molly that stands 15 hands.  She is a pretty dark brown molly and rides smooth and easy, very responsive.  She side passes, neck reins and even will move over to a fence to be .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Lucky – small kids mule that rides better then most full size mules

Meet Lucky and our son Jack.  These two are the best of freinds, going all over our ranch.  Lucky is a 7 year old john mule, that rides really good.  Jack our son is 9.  Lucky will do a easy lope, .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Ben & Sally – small sorrel, 14.3 hand quarter type, matched pair that drive and pack

Ben & Sally are the pefect size for packing or driving.  They are quarter type light colored sorrel mules. They are new for us and we will be putting them through there paces or showing them to .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Nit & Rhody – 6 & 7 yr. old draft type matched molly mules 15.1 hands – Drives, Rides, Packs

These two gals ride, pack and drive gentle and safe for about anyone.  They are traffic safe pulling a wagon down the road,  or saddle them up and enjoy a trail ride.  They are easy to catch, clip and .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Liberty- 5 year old brown molly, four white socks, 14.2 -3 hands. Rides, Packs, Drives

Liberty  is one of Bobbi's favorites on the ranch, and the more she rides her, the harder it will be to sell her.  This level headed mature mule handles anything put infront of her, open and close .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.