Mules For Sale

Come ride with us! We understand buying a mule is a big commitment, not only financially but also emotionally. We feel the right mule for the right person is the key to enjoy riding and being safe. Our ranch offers year around riding with our indoor arena, outdoor arenas, and a complete cross country trail course you and maybe your next mule can ride on. Take a look at our list of mules, if you wish to see a picture and more information double click on the mules name. Always more mules to come, call for details! 208-816-8682

Moon and May 5 & 6 year old matching small Belguim type mules. GREEN

Moon and May are 5 & 6 year old matching mules.  14.1 Hands,  john and a molly.  They have been lightly used in harness and for riding but because of there size have not been used hard enough for .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Jack – 7 year old Appy type John, 15 to 15.1 hands. Rides and Packs!

Jack is a 7 year old john mule with a sweet willing personality.  He looks up who ever is around to pet him.  He rides safe and confident for about anyone,  Good with his ears, of course easy to catch .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Happy – 8 year old Bay quarter type john mule. Nice riding saddle mule

Don't worry be Happy!  And yes that is what this mule will do for you.  He is willing, gentle, kind and gorgeouse to look at.  Happy can go to the top of a mountain with ease, or to the show ring for .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Coyote Mule has mules for sale in Utah! Meet Will Macfarlane and see what he has for sale!

Will Macfarlane is a top of the mountain kind of guy! If you are interested in any of Wills mules for sale in Utah please call  Cell phone at 385-290-9822  or e-mail him at .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

This Website is current as of 6/10/2018! All mule listed are available for sale. We do have close to 20 head of NEW Mules, we are working on that will be for sale soon.

Great selection of saddle mules to choose from on the West Coast,  one place to find what you are looking for. We try to update our site as quick as we can about all of our mules.  But we do have .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Bob & Ben – 10 & 11 year old 15 hand, halfinger john mules. Drives and Pack the best.

Bob & Ben are 10 and 11 year old halfinger john mules.  The are just 15 hands and perfect size for driving or packing.  They are easy to catch, trim and haul.  Easy going mature mules steady and .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Billy – 7 yr. old black john mule 14.3 hands, rides and packs gentle and easy going.

Billy is the kind you can always depend on.  He is easy laid back gentle kind of mule.  He is 14.3 hands and very smooth to ride.  There is nothing to fancy about him in anyway other then a good .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Ruth – 3 year old sorrel molly with four white socks – Rides gentle and smooth

Ruth is just 3, but her temperment is key and she is level headed, willing and rides like a 10 year old.  She is 14.2 hands, with walker breeding.  Strides out smooth, down the trail.  Ruth was bred .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Annie – 14 year old molly mule 15.1 hands, dark brown mountain saddle mule

Annie is 14 years old with a lifetime of mountain experience,  she originally  sold through Jake Clarks sale as a three year old carring his brand on her left hip.  From 3, she was used by a man in .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.

Blue Bell – 9 year old steel grey molly mule that rides and drives the best!

Blue Bell is the kind we all want to own.  This mule is solid for riding in a herd of cattle, or going down the road in a wagon train drive.  And if that is not enought, you can harness her up and go .....Follow along for MORE Details & Photos.